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How AIM Successfully Fights Sex Trafficking in Cambodia

In my previous blog post I announced that Bright Dove Designs will donate 20% of our profits to Agape International Missions (AIM).  AIM is on the front line in the fight against sex trafficking in Cambodia and they do incredible work.  In this post, I want to highlight the special relationship that AIM has with the Cambodian government and how they work in concert to rescue sex trafficking victims, arrest the criminal traffickers and make sure they are prosecuted.  

According to AIM’s website: “Agape International Missions has been granted unique permission by the Cambodian government to conduct investigations, perform raids, make arrests and rescue victims of sex trafficking alongside local government officials within the country of Cambodia. No other organization has been given so much freedom and trust, and we make as much of it as we can!”  This relationship with the Cambodian government has enabled AIM to make a difference in hundreds of lives.  

“The AIM SWAT Team orchestrates raids with law enforcement to rescue underaged girls and women trafficked into the sex industry. The victims are provided comprehensive care at the AIM Restoration Home and their cases are handled by AIM’s legal team throughout the trial. Though the majority of cases include sex trafficking and sexual assault, the team also works on others involving labor trafficking and even organ trafficking. In 2016, the team successfully surpassed 40 raids on local brothels, and rescued more than 600 people, including 100 children!” 

In January, Cambodian officials supported by AIM SWAT conducted raids on brothels that fronted as massage parlors.  Four minors and five adults were rescued and police shut down the brothels.  Two people were arrested for sex trafficking.  After the raids, the rescued minors are cared for at AIM’s Restoration Home and the rescued adults are cared for at the AIM Transitional Home where they receive aftercare and rehabilitation services. 

Bright Dove Designs is glad to be supporting the efforts of AIM this quarter.  We hope that you will join the fight against sex trafficking in Cambodia through jewelry purchases from Bright Dove Designs or through direct donations to AIM.

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