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Organization Highlight: Love Justice International

Sex trafficking is a global problem that affects over 20 million people worldwide.  The problem is particularly pervasive in Nepal, where destitute woman are often preyed upon by human traffickers.  The woman are usually lured away from their families with an offer of a well-paying job working across the border in India.  Given the desperate impoverishment that most of these woman face, they are eager to accept the job in order to help support their families.  Unfortunately, once they arrive in India, they are forced into prostitution. 

Love Justice International has over 30 different transit monitoring stations along the border seeking to intercept these woman at the Nepal/India border crossing.  So far, they have intercepted over 12,000 people to prevent them from being trafficked.  In addition to intercepting the victims and providing care for them, they also help to prosecute the traffickers. 

We strongly believe in the mission of Love Justice International and that is why we choose to donate a portion of our profits to help their efforts.  Please visit their website if you have a chance and consider donating to their worthy cause. 

Donate to Love Justice International

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