FREE SHIPPING AND RETURNS WITHIN THE USA ** 20% of all profits go to GHF in Nepal to fight sex trafficking **

Organization Highlight: Joy International

20% of all profits will be donated to Joy International this quarter.  The mission of Joy International is to help with the rescue, restoration, reintegration and prevention of the sexual exploitation of children. 

Joy International is an extremely effective organization headquartered near Denver, Colorado and led by the inspirational Dr. Jeff Brodsky.  Joy International has been involved with the fight against trafficking since 1981 and has enabled the rescue of over 2000 children and young women from the horrors of sex-trafficking.  They accomplish this by partnering with the police, NGO’s, task forces and prosecutors to help rescue children and see that their criminal captors are brought to justice. 

According to Dr. Jeff “Awareness without action is apathy”. 

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