FREE SHIPPING AND RETURNS WITHIN THE USA ** 20% of all profits go to GHF in Nepal to fight sex trafficking **

Bright Dove Designs Partners With Gentle Heart Foundation in Nepal

Bright Dove Designs is happy to announce that we have partnered with Gentle Heart Foundation (GHF) of Kathmandu, Nepal.  As you know, Bright Dove Designs is committed to fighting sex trafficking by donating 20% of our profits each quarter to organizations that are leading the way in the fight against trafficking around the world.  Bright Dove Designs has decided that we will donate 20% of our profits EACH quarter to GHF to support their mission of stopping sex trafficking in Nepal and aiding in the recovery of the victims. 

GHF not only works hard to fight sex trafficking in Nepal but they also have an amazing recovery program for the rescued women.  The recovery program gives these women a place to live, learn and heal.  As a result of being trafficked many of the women have small children and the program provides for their children and also takes care of them while the women are busy with their daily lessons. 

As part of the recovery process, the women are taught skills that can help them earn an income and become self-sustaining.  Many of these women were tricked into leaving their villages at a very young age and forced into becoming a sex worker.  Because of this, they do not possess any skills to help them earn money to survive on their own, so GHF is equipping them with certain skills that can help.  Among these skills is the art of jewelry making.  These women learn to make beautiful necklaces, earrings and bracelets.  GHF employs the women and pays them a living wage to produce jewelry giving them an opportunity to earn an income and become self-sustaining. 

We had the opportunity recently to volunteer at GHF.  We taught English lessons as well as some basic computer skills to the women in the program.  These young women were so excited to have us there and were very enthusiastic about improving their English skills and learning some basic computer skills such as Microsoft Word and Excel. 

It was very inspiring to watch them learn and grow more confident in their skills.  We really became close friends with the women and staff at GHF and it was very emotional when our time with them was over and we had to say good-bye.  However, we intend to return to Kathmandu again in order to volunteer and to continue to be inspired by these brave women. 


 As part of our partnership with GHF, Bright Dove Designs has decided to purchase the beautiful jewelry that these incredible women hand-make, and sell it on our website and in stores.  We feel this can make a huge impact in continuing the funding of GHF in order to help in the rescue and recovery of even more trafficked women in Nepal.  By purchasing the jewelry that they hand-make, we are able to help give them the jobs that they need, and through your jewelry purchases, we can donate 20% of the profits back to GHF each quarter to help meet their needs and facilitate the rescue of more women. 

The jewelry will be available on our website in the next few weeks, so please visit our website for updates.  Additionally, we will send out an email to announce the launch.  When you purchase the jewelry, it will be shipped to you in a hand-sewn bag that the women from GHF made for us especially for their jewelry, in order to make it extra special for you. 

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