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Beyond Awareness

On Friday May 18th, Bright Dove Designs attended Beyond Awareness: The Next Step in Fighting Human Trafficking a seminar held in Chiang Mai, Thailand that is based on the conclusions of a “regional study on local perceptions of human trafficking in South and Southeast Asia”.    

The seminar focused on

  • Finding the next step in the fight against human trafficking
  • What do we need to do differently to stop the trafficking?

The seminar is based on a regional study of local perceptions on trafficking in five countries in Asia.  The study was carried out with over 90 interviews with people who are at risk of being trafficked, local police and government officials, religious organizations and NGO's.  

The findings of the study were presented in both English and Thai.  We got to hear from local anti-trafficking experts such as local police officers regarding steps that can be taken in order to help prevent trafficking from taking place.  We also heard from local NGO’s on the challenges they face with the local government in fighting trafficking.  The seminar also highlighted the perceptions from the potential victims and what can be done to better equip them and their families from falling prey to the traffickers.  

Another area of trafficking that is somewhat overlooked is labor and sex trafficking of young men and boys.  While 70% of trafficking victims are women, 30% are male.  This is a growing problem throughout Asia. It is important to mention that a gruesome and growing problem in the region is trafficking for organ harvesting.  We have been aware of the skin harvesting trade in India for quite some time but were shocked to find out about the harvesting of other organs as well such as kidneys, corneas, and in rare cases, hearts.  

Overall, this event was a great opportunity for Bright Dove Designs to learn about ways that we can become more involved in the fight against trafficking and to network with organizations that we might be able to partner with in the future in order to make the greatest impact.   


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