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8 Bohemian Necklaces to Complete Your Fall Wardrobe


As temperatures drop, we begin to layer. As we layer on clothing, we lose all of those treasured locations that show off our gorgeous jewelry. We keep our hair down, which covers our ears. We wear sweaters that hide our wrists. That is why necklaces are so important to a Fall jewelry collection. They can be worn year-round and showcased on any cut, from V-neck to turtleneck. 

To help you find the perfect pieces for your collection, we’ve scoured our newest releases for our favorite items. We hope you find our descriptions helpful and our outfit suggestions inspiring. Let’s get started! 

  1. Mila Necklace

If you want to embrace the colors of Fall without going over the top, then this necklace is the perfect piece for you. The Mila necklace consists of five gorgeously rustic beads spaced out along a silver chain. The deep orange color of the beads will provide any outfit with that hint of Fall festiveness while maintaining a sense of edge. Speaking of outfits, a gray sweater dress and a pair of black combat boots would complement this piece well.


  1. Savina Necklace

Cold weather means high necklines and bulky scarves. You don’t have to completely sacrifice those gorgeous necklines you fell in love with during the warmer months, though. By utilizing a necklace like the Savina necklace, you can achieve an elongated neckline in a turtleneck. The main part of this necklace is positioned lower so that it can peak through even the bulkiest of scarves. That’s why we think this piece would look best with a burnt-orange turtleneck, black pants, and a brown sweater.


  1. Maryam Layered Chain Necklace

If you aren’t a big fan of the dullness that comes with Fall fashion, let me introduce you to your new best friend: gold. Gold necklaces can add that extra bit of shimmer to those dull outfits that desperately need it. That means you can definitely wear it with a simple black ensemble and sweater. If you’re looking to step it up a bit, consider pairing the Maryam layered chain necklace with cheetah print pants, a black tee, a brown sweater, and black combat boots.


  1. Liliana Necklace

If you enjoy a bright contrast to darker colors, then the Liliana necklace is here to help you achieve your goal. We’ve combined the brightness of orange with the simplicity of white to make a necklace that anyone can rock. If you’re new to such intense colors, keep things simple. Wear this necklace with a neutral ensemble. If you’re a color connoisseur, consider doing something a bit bolder. We’d love to see this necklace paired with a floor-length orange sweater.


  1. Elsha Necklace

The Elsha necklace combines the best of both worlds for those who love the colors of Fall but aren’t quite ready to let go of those blue hues that summer brings. By alternating orange and blue beads between a gold chain, we have created the ultimate “pop” piece. That means that this necklace is perfect for an outfit that is completely lacking in color, which we all know happens a lot in the Fall.


  1. Zara Pendant Necklace

This beauty packs a big punch with its small size. Although it is simple in nature, this fan-like charm can add a little shimmer to an outfit that desperately needs some light. The shiny gold finish will catch any light in the room, creating the feeling that you are emanating warmth. Everybody will want to talk to you and will wonder where you got such a beautiful piece of jewelry. Of course, you’ll need a great outfit to go with it. Consider a beige wrap dress and mustard booties.


  1. Ardena Necklace

If it is still warmer where you live, you may want to hang on to some of the colors of Summer. That’s where the Ardena necklace comes in handy. While it is predominantly blue, its brown and gold accents make it the perfect transition piece for fall. In warmer climates, pair the Ardena necklace with a structured romper and booties. In cooler climates, try a look that incorporates a neutral-toned blouse and structured, bright-colored pants.


  1. Catalina Necklace

This necklace doubles as a bracelet, which means it can take you from day to night in an instant. Wrap it around your wrist during the day to help add a pop of color to a black business dress. Then, simply wear it around your neck at night to turn that same dress into something more laid back. If its versatility wasn’t enough, this particular piece was made by a survivor of sex trafficking in Nepal. When you purchase this or any other piece on our website, 20% of the profits will go to help women just like her

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