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7 Boho Earrings That Will Complete Your Fall Wardrobe

There is something about Fall that invites a sense of warmth into our wardrobes. Whether it is because we miss the heat of summer or we are in search of a cozy state of being, the warm colors of Fall wardrobes are inevitable. 

Jewelry collections are not excluded from these trends, either. Just like you break out your cozy sweaters when it starts to get chilly, you should break out (or purchase new) cozy earrings. That’s why our newest collection offers a balance between style, sophistication, and comfort. Here are some of our favorite picks for Fall and what we would pair them with in order to make them rock their full potential.


  1. Valentina Twist Earrings

These edgy earrings provide a unique twist on comfort. While they would remind anyone of their favorite cozy sweater, they also have a sense of toughness that is provided by the gold bead accents. Because of this, they are the perfect pair of earrings for that girl that wants to remain edgy even in the comfiest of seasons. For this reason, we recommend you pair the Valentina Twist earrings with an all-black ensemble that features gold accents. 


  1. Hadley Earrings

While similar to the Valentina Twist earrings, the Hadley earrings have a lighter color and feature earthy beads. This means that they pair better with outfits that lean more toward the comfy side than the edgy one. We think a gray sweater, brown tee, black leggings, and fuzzy brown boots would really highlight the essence of this pair.


  1. Remi Drop Earrings

Orange is one of those colors that is just as hard to master as it is to wear. We have mastered the art of orange jewelry, though. One of our favorite orange designs that we’ve come up with is the Remi Drop earrings. Their beautiful drop shape is reminiscent of candy corn. However, these earrings don’t scream “cheese.” They actually have a sense of elegance to them that is found in their shape and construction. If you really want to show these beauties off, consider pairing them with an all-white ensemble (even after Labor Day).


  1. Kinsley Drop Earrings

It’s easy to go over-the-top when it comes to the darker colors that are associated with Fall. That’s why we absolutely love these Kinsley Drop earrings. They make it so easy to avoid an ensemble that is too dreary. At the same time, the patterns in the beads and the contrasting dark and light help keep this pair from drawing too much attention from the other features of your outfit. That’s why we suggest wearing the Kinsley Drop earrings with a deep-orange tee, a brown sweater, jeans, and black boots.


  1. Eliza Twist Earrings

The Eliza Twist earrings are a cooler-toned alternative to the Valentina Twist earrings. Sporting a gorgeous gray tone and silver beads instead of gold, this pair is essential for someone who isn’t quite ready to let go of their bright colored wardrobe yet. Go against all fashion rules and wear this pair of earrings with a blue cocktail dress and black knee-high boots. You’ll look gorgeous and defy fashion standards while doing it.


  1. Julia Hoop Earrings

If you’re looking for something a little more classical for your fall wardrobe, look no further! These gold and black beauties are the perfect addition to any church collection. The simple design of the hoop is classic. At the same time, we added a little bit of uniqueness to this pair by including beads on the exterior of the hoop. Pair these with your favorite church ensemble and you’re good to go.


  1. Mauve Hoop Earrings

You can’t go wrong with a classic hoop. You also can’t beat a color that pairs well with mustard yellow for the Fall 2018 season. It has to be one of the most popular colors right now and these earrings will compliment it perfectly. We suggest an off-the-shoulder or peek-a-boo shoulder top in the mustard yellow color. You can then pair the top and the earrings with your best jeans and some brown leather booties. You’ll be comfortable and fashionable all day long.

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