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6 Unique Earrings That Will Make You Glow This Winter

The search for warmth in our wardrobes is a sure sign that Winter is here. But don’t throw out those cooler-toned clothes just yet. There are other ways to bring warmth to your already amazing wardrobe. Consider these earrings and our suggestions for outfit pairings. You’ll be surprised with what you can get away with wearing all year round. You just have to accessorize it correctly.


Delilah Tassel Earrings

Wearing white and other light colors in the Winter is no longer a no-no in the fashion world. However, like any fashion trend, it needs to be done right. You absolutely must compliment lighter clothing with darker jewelry. For example, you could pair the Delilah Tassel earrings with a silver blouse and black trousers. Such a fashionable ensemble would have you lighting up every room you walk into. 


Clara Hoop Earrings

With a pop of red, these beautiful hoops will become your go-to accessory for your next party. Since the majority of the beading is neutral-toned, they are still appropriate for office gatherings. On the other hand, the red pops of color make them festive at the same time. We think they would go great with a classic pantsuit. If you’re a little braver, wear them outside the office with a red cocktail dress.


Lyla Hoop Earrings

These earrings are a boho-chic take on the classic hoop. Beaded with copper tones and accented with turquoise and dark blue, the Lyla Hoop earrings provide the perfect amount of warm and cool tones for your Winter collection. Wear them with a blue blouse and tan, boot cut pants to bring that Bohemian feel to the office.


Natalia Drop Earrings

The Natalia Drop earrings are the perfect gift for Valentines Day. Why? They look great on everyone. No matter how long or short your neck is or what complexion you are, these earrings are going to compliment you and you’re going to compliment them. To keep the complimentary train rolling, pair them with a white blouse, black blazer, black skirt, and bright-colored pumps.


Teagan Tassel Earrings

These boho-chic tassel earrings are totally in fashion right now. So, you can’t go wrong with them. While they air a little bit more on the chic side, they definitely emit a Bohemian essence. To give these earrings the high-class ensemble they deserve, we suggest pairing them with a blue cocktail dress and black pumps with silver embellishments.


Daisy Triple Hoop Earrings

These beauties are perfect for the girl that wants to elongate her neck. This can be especially difficult in the Winter, as necklines grow higher and higher. However, the Daisy Triple Hoop earrings will make your neck look long and luxurious, even in a turtleneck. So, why not wear one? Pair a blue one with your favorite jeans and you’re good to go.

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