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5 Easy to Wear Bracelets to Compliment Your Work Wardrobe

A good work wardrobe can be one of the most difficult things to develop. You’re always searching for that perfect balance between sophisticated and fashionable. You don’t want to stand out too much, but you also want to get noticed. Good jewelry can help you achieve this. By combining staple wardrobe pieces with gorgeous bracelets, your collection will go from drab to fab in no time! 

Take a look at a few of our suggestions below. We’ve even provided some outfit pairings to get you inspired. From retro to modern, you’re sure to find the vibe that fits you best.


  1. Sophie Bracelet

This pink and black beauty is the perfect bracelet for a downtown girl. The bright color will bring joy to even the worst of days. Additionally, the mix between sharp and round lines makes for a beautiful combination. The sharp lines will give your arms length, while the round ones will provide a sense of softness. The Sophie bracelet gives you all that for only $26. This bracelet is the ideal addition to a black pant or skirt suit. Add a complimentary silk scarf, and you’re good to go!


  1. Everly Bracelet

If you’re looking for a gold-accented bracelet that will brighten up your summer outfits, then we have you covered. The Everly bracelet, priced at $26, can be paired with a multitude of outfits. The cool green and white tones will turn your office into a paradise. It’s also a great piece for someone that likes boho bracelets; It takes the same concepts and makes them a little chicer. Combine this accessory with a cool-toned blouse and structured white pants for a runway-ready ensemble. 


  1. Maria Bracelet

Royal blue is a power color. That is what makes the Maria bracelet ideal for a work wardrobe. Sometimes, darker bracelets can get lost in an outfit. Not this one! The gold accents help brighten the piece up, providing a balance between powerful and classy. Best for summer and winter wardrobes, the Maria bracelet will only set you back $26. An outfit that would really let this bracelet shine would be a metallic blouse and a black pencil skirt.


  1. Cora Bracelet

Retro is definitely in right now. If you’re searching for a bracelet that will give you that retro feel without the vintage price tag, look no further. The black and white squares that make up this beauty are reminiscent of a checkered floor. However, the gold accents elevate this bracelet from antique to chic. The neutral palette of the piece makes it a great accessory for your bolder wardrobe pairings. Combine the Cora bracelet with a hot pink blouse and black trousers. For just $26, you can have all eyes on you!


  1. Piper Bracelet

Do you like classic accessories with a twist? Then the Piper bracelet is just what you need! The black and gold base of this piece makes it parable with a variety of staple items in your work wardrobe. At the same time, the teal accents add a pop of color. You can’t forget about the gorgeous angles of the beads! They help give the bracelet a sense of modernity. While this $26 masterpiece can be paired with almost any staple, a black dress and teal pumps would tie everything together.

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