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5 Bohemian Necklaces to Complete Any Outfit

The bohemian look can be rocked all year long. However, summertime is when it really shines. If you want to get in on the style without overhauling your wardrobe, consider boho necklaces. One or two investment pieces can add a bohemian flair to all of your summer outfits. Keep reading for some suggestions and what you can pair them with. From shorts and a tee to a cocktail dress, we’ve got you covered!


  1. Drops necklace

The Drops necklace is really two pieces in one. On one side, the wood drops are painted blue. On the other, the natural wood shows through. The length is even adjustable, so it can complement a variety of necklines. Pair the blue side with a flowy white shirt and jean shorts for a pop of color. If you want a more natural look, wear the natural side with a white or black dress. Either way, it will add the perfect amount of bohemian style to your outfit for only $36.



  1. Effervescent necklace

The Effervescent necklace is perfect for a beach-life girl. The delicate colors pair well with almost any cover-up, and the shape of the beads is reminiscent of seashells. Priced at $34, this necklace can really take your beach look from drab to fabulous in a few seconds. After a long day in the sand, simply throw this one on with your white or tan cover-up. You’ll be ready for a casual dinner just like that!



  1. Avante Necklace

While a lot of bohemian clothing is loose and flowy, this necklace will bring a boho flair to any outfit. Mellow out your bright sundress with this $34 piece. The green accent will pair great with yellow or orange. It can also look good with neutrals. If you’re more adventurous, the Avante necklace would work well with palm leaf pants and a white blouse. It’s the perfect vacation outfit!



  1. Maya Tassel necklace

This necklace is great for complementing a high neckline or a deep V. The gold chain combines with the earth-toned tassel to create the perfect bohemian accessory. With a splash of blue, this necklace pops on a neutral combo. A tan dress or blouse would really stand out with this one. You could also spice things up by combining it with a print that accentuates its diamond shape.  It is a versatile investment piece priced at $36.



  1. Feather necklace

This gorgeous piece needs your gorgeous neck to show it off. The dark, natural wood pairs with primary colors to create a one of a kind necklace. It would easily add extra texture and color to a little black dress. Additionally, wearing the Feather necklace instantly upgrades your outfit from fashionable to runway ready. This piece can also be showcased with a more casual ensemble. A solid-color blouse and black shorts are one option. Wear some sandals with leather straps and you’ll be good to go. You can’t get more bohemian, especially for only $32. 

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