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5 Beautiful Boho Bracelets For The Woman Who Wants to Give Back This Holiday Season

Recently, Bright Dove Designs collaborated with survivors of sex trafficking in Nepal. These amazing women created five beautiful bracelets that would be shining additions to any jewelry collection. 

Not only that, but Bright Dove Designs donates 20% of all proceeds to help fight sex trafficking through the Gentle Heart Foundation in Nepal. So, you can rest assured that you’ve helped improve someone else’s life when you purchase one of our newest bracelets.


  1. Savannah Wrap Bracelet (Aqua and Silver)

With winter just around the corner, a cool-toned bracelet could be the perfect stand-out piece for your collection. While warmer colors are usually popular in the cooler months, chilly colors can be just as fashionable. Pair this slinky bracelet with a black turtleneck, a pair of jeans, and gorgeous boots to let the bracelet shine on its own. Top this ensemble off with a silver necklace and you have the perfect outfit for any holiday get-together.


  1. Catalina Wrap Bracelet

This is one of those pieces that is so versatile that you just can’t help but have it in your jewelry stand. Not only are the colors that perfect mix between bright and dull, but this bracelet can also be worn as a necklace. While you can show off the Catalina wrap bracelet any time of the year, in the winter months it pairs best with an outfit that compliments its various textures. 

We suggest your favorite pair of dark-wash jeans, a dark red long-sleeve tee, and a black leather jacket and boots. Follow our advice and you’ll find yourself the envy of your office holiday party.


  1. Savannah Wrap Bracelet (Black and Gold)

As temperatures begin to cool down, warmer colors become more popular. That’s why we think this black and gold beauty is essential for any winter wardrobe. It can be paired with almost anything and goes great with other gold jewelry pieces. 

Combine this simple, yet elegant bracelet with a black, off the shoulder sweater dress and some knee-high boots. Your date won’t even know what hit him! Finish the look off with a wooden necklace for that fashionable boho-chic look.


  1. Harmony Bracelet

The Harmony bracelet will become your go-to grab for casual winter outfits. From jeans and a tee to turtlenecks to knit dresses, you can’t go wrong with this gorgeously beaded bracelet. You don’t have to worry about fit with this piece, either. Its adjustable string closure will allow almost any size wrist to rock it. For only $24, you won’t find a better-quality piece at a better price.


  1. Savannah Wrap Bracelet (Green and Gold)

Holiday jewelry can often air on the side of cheesy. Between plastic Santas and overly-used snowflakes, it can be hard to find festive pieces that speak to the fashionista inside of you. This green and gold beauty is not one of those bracelets. In fact, it will bring out the fashionista inside of you. 

If you really want to stand out, we suggest pairing this beauty with your favorite dark-wash jeans, a gold top, knee-high black boots, and a black leather jacket with gold accents. You’ll be the envy of the entire family when you show up on Christmas day in such a gorgeous ensemble.

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