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3 Necklaces That Will Instantly Elevate Your Wardrobe

Important events can pop up at any time. It can be hard to keep enough outfits in your wardrobe for all of them. Plus, no one wants to buy a new dress every time there is a wedding or work event to go to. Instead of building up your clothing collection to accommodate all of these occasions, consider adding a few pieces to your accessories collection. 

One well-chosen necklace can elevate a simple sundress to a cocktail dress. The same necklace can be used again to make a pantsuit classy enough for a wedding. If you need some ideas, check out the examples we’ve provided below. We’ve even provided some ensemble suggestions to get you started!


1.)  Hannah Statement Necklace


The easiest way to elevate a dress or outfit is to give it a more elegant neckline. That is exactly what this statement necklace does. The scooped-V shape can take a simple, high-necked blouse and make it runway-ready. Another great thing about this necklace is that it has multiple layers. This will add dimension to your outfit. That can come in handy, especially if you’re trying to elevate a more affordable fabric. For only $38.00 the Hannah necklace can make your $100 cocktail dress look like it’s worth $1000. 

While this layered necklace can elevate practically any ensemble, we have an outfit idea to get you inspired. The gold color will work best with warm-tones. That is why we suggest combing this accessory with a blue, body-con dress. It’s the perfect outfit for a work party or a special date night.


2.)  Black Nova Statement Necklace


If you’re someone that has a ton of bright colors in your wardrobe, then you need this necklace. While colorful outfits have their draws, they can sometimes look cheap when surrounded by elegant black dresses. Add the Black Nova statement necklace to your wardrobe and you won’t have to worry about that anymore. For only $36.00, this statement necklace will keep you on par with the rest of the crowd. 

Like we said earlier, the Black Nova statement necklace goes great with colorful ensembles. Whether you’re a master of color or a novice looking to experiment, these outfit suggestions will have all eyes on you at your next event. Try pairing this statement necklace with a structured white dress, red waist belt, and red heels. For a simpler look, this piece would accent a deep purple cocktail dress well.


3.)  Fianna Statement Necklace


One of the best-kept secrets of high fashion is dimension. Outfits that fall flat simply don’t live up to those that create a sense of depth. This statement necklace can add dimension to your wardrobe without breaking the bank. Priced at only $36.00, the Fianna necklace pairs well with virtually anything. In addition to depth, the metallic finish can also add texture to your outfit. You can’t forget about the unique, square shapes. Everyone will be complimenting you at that gala you have next month. 

What’s great about this necklace is that it makes it is easy to create a fabulous outfit. However, we do have some tips for helping your look really stand out. The squares on this piece would pair very well with a ruched-waist dress. This is because of the complimentary textures present in the necklace and the ruching.


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