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3 Chic Statement Earrings That Bring Versatility to Your Collection

When it comes to earrings, it’s hard to find pieces that provide versatility. Often, they can be worn with only one type of clothing. Also, the pairs that are versatile are too simple to add any real value to an outfit.  Well, not anymore. If you’re looking for some gorgeous earrings that will compliment many different ensembles, then you’ve come to the right place. 

Browse the earrings we’ve listed below. It’s an easy way to get started on your search for that perfect, all-purpose pair. If you’re stumped on how to make these earrings pop, we’ve suggested a few outfit ideas. We want you to feel like your best self in our jewelry, so don’t be afraid to express your inner fashionista.



  1. Peach Diana Earrings 

These gorgeous, Peach Diana earrings are deceiving. While they appear to be perfect for a casual outfit, you may be wondering how versatile they really are. Well, their versatility has to do with the popularity of the bohemian-chic look. Combining these earrings with a white cocktail dress would be very fashionable. This pair would also bring the perfect amount of casual to an evening outfit, making you look effortless for only $24. 

Although peach is primarily a spring color, you can rock the Peach Diana earrings during most seasons. In the spring and summer, they will go with practically anything. In the fall, combine them with cropped jeans and a beige tee. They will bring a great pop of color to your outfit. 



  1. Blue Amara Earrings 

These blue beauties are the perfect twist on the marble trend. The way the white accents seem to flow through the blue base also creates a sense of movement. You’ll look like you’re flowing in the wind when your ears are adorned with the Blue Amara earrings. The great thing about this pair, though, is that the blue base isn’t too bright or too dull. That makes this accessory perfect for every season. 

In the summer, these earrings bring the ocean to you for only $24. Add them to a pair of jean shorts and a white tee; You’ll be casually fashionable all day! In the fall, these earrings give a pop of color to a pair of khakis and a black blouse. For winter, you can’t go wrong with a slinky, gold dress. Finally, spring wouldn’t be complete without these earrings, a white sundress, and gold flats.



  1. Lauren Drop Earrings 

Sometimes it can be easier to dress a pair of earrings down, rather than up. If you’re more comfortable with that, then try out this pair. The Lauren drop earrings are the ideal balance between work and play. The copper and navy blue beads may scream sophisticated to you. Combined with the right outfit, though, these earrings can go with you anywhere. 

The easiest place to wear these earrings would be to the office. Combine them with a simple skirt suit, and you’re good to go. Priced at $24, this accessory can make you feel like a million bucks. That’s why it’s also a great pair to wear to a cocktail party, big event, or fancy dinner. They would be the perfect accessory for a little black dress and copper heals. Dressing these earrings down is easy, too. They’ll fit right in with black jeans and a slinky tank top.

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