FREE SHIPPING AND RETURNS WITHIN THE USA ** 20% of all profits go to GHF in Nepal to fight sex trafficking **

Organization Highlight: Agape Int'l Missions

20% of all profits this quarter will be donated to Agape Int’l Missions (AIM).  AIM is an incredible organization that is on the front line of stopping sex trafficking in Cambodia.  They have helped save hundreds of lives and have been granted special permission from the Cambodian government to conduct investigations, perform raids, make arrests and rescue victims of sex trafficking.  They work alongside local government officials within Cambodia to accomplish these goals.  AIM not only helps to rescue these girls but they also help them with healing and recovery.  AIM can also help the victims begin a new life by equipping them with new marketable skills that will give them an opportunity to work in a healthy job. 


AIM is very transparent regarding the way in which they spend their donations and make their financials available on their website for review.  This gives us confidence that the money that is donated to their organization will be well spent.

To learn more about Agape International Missions (AIM) and the incredible work that they do please visit their website at


More About Cambodia:


Cambodia is a beautiful country in Southeast Asia located between Vietnam and Thailand.  Cambodia has a rich history and culture but unfortunately has suffered great hardships during the last half of the 20th century as a result of warfare and the brutal hands of the Khmer Rouge.  On New Years day in 1975 the communist Khmer Rouge regime took over Cambodia and drove most people out of the cities and into the countryside to work on collective farms.  Over the years they systematically executed anyone that they perceived to be an intellectual or was a threat to their communist beliefs.  According to UN estimates, 2-3 million people died during the reign of the Khmer Rouge and at least half of these deaths were due to executions.  The rest of the deaths were due to starvation and disease.  In 1979 the Khmer Rouge were overthrown by the invading Vietnamese army, however the hardships did not end there.  Cambodians were generally treated poorly by the Vietnamese and guerilla warfare broke out ravaging the country even further.  Many more people died as a result of the fighting.  Peace finally arrived to Cambodia in 1991 and elections were held in 1993.

We have traveled to Cambodia several times and have had the opportunity to meet and personally get to know the wonderful people of this incredibly beautiful country.  The people are warm, welcoming, resilient and strong despite all the hardships that they still must endure which is why we feel it is so important to give them our support. 

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